Day 1 – Overcoming the Fear

It is day one on our journey of living with less. Summer drizzles continued this morning, so we kept dry under Mount Henry bridge while pretty little Perth city continued to dazzle from a distance.
Fascinating as the view was, I sat there sheltered from the rain, a little cold and freaking out about this entire decision of living with less to find again our joy. Reality has finally hit!

I had to remind myself that this is the start of something big and it is in my nature to fret and stress and be anxious over … well … mostly nothing. 😱 (BB manages in his calm way to successfully burst every bubble of anxiety that escapes out of me! 😜 But that doesn’t stop me worrying)

I look over the water as I write this at anchor in pretty Matilda Bay as the day comes to a close. A black swan glides serenely past, and I know that its feet are working maniacally underneath that water to make its progress look so effortless and unruffled. I realise that that has been my life thus far – constantly on the go, juggling so many balls in the air, fretting that I was going to drop one, and always being anxious that I wasn’t a good enough mum, a loving enough wife, a perfect enough homemaker, an excellent enough employee, a supportive enough workmate and teammate, but all the while fooling most people with my seemingly calm exterior, my ‘bubbly’ nature. I was an expert in putting on a public ‘face’ of there being not a worry in my world with many many people (only my closest family and friends seeing the real me). After all isn’t this why I agreed to this mad adventure? This is exactly why I need to see this little ‘experiment’ through.

I want to be able to glide through life without the ‘crazy’ happening underneath the surface. I want to lose the worrying and the anxiety so I can just ‘be’…. So I can just love… So I can just find the joy in life without constantly being distracted by what I’m not. So I can enjoy that particular moment whatever it is.

New beginnings can be fraught with uncertainty, but they are also filled with incredible joy and possibility.

Wishing you good rest and a gorgeous day tomorrow lovelies. I plan to! 😘


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Overcoming the Fear

  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
    So do you have a phone, electricity, proper toilet, shower and kitchen?
    Just wondering……


    1. Well toilet basic (so will be using public toilets and toilet at sailing clubs, shower – cold water hose which is great for a rinse off after swimming. For a hot shower we’ll be using sailing club showers. Phone is mobiles of course. Electricity is mostly 12volt but I have a smoothie juicer thing that needs more power so currently we set up a small generator that allows that to work. Kitchen is some drawers and a small area of bench space, cooking on a tiny camp stove. Because it’s summer we’ll eat a lot of salads and one pot stir fries. Does that answer your question? 😊 Haha scary just writing all this down! Might have to do a post about it 🙂


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