Points of View 

We are amazed at the reactions we have had, to this lifestyle we’ve chosen for a season. We’ve had people express their opinions and points of views ranging from “Wow, you are so lucky!” to “Wow, that’s so brave!”; from “Don’t do it, you’ll hate it!” (😳 this really happened!), to our personal favourite “How wonderful. Good for you!”

I don’t see either of us as being particularly ‘brave’. I define bravery as being courageous in the face of danger (or pain), doing the unthinkable, the impossible despite setbacks. But that’s a whole new blog post I suspect 😊. 

Luck has nothing to do with what we’re doing either. We planned to do it and we did! Basically the germination of an idea in Ben’s complicated and mysterious brain bore fruit the moment I said yes to it! 😜

The person who told me not to do it (that I’ll hate it !), doesn’t know me very well. If she did, she’d know that she was actually holding out a challenge…. and I rarely turn my back on a challenge (silly me! 😝). 

We’ve had a some news outlets interested in what we’re doing, which I find fascinating. This adventure wasn’t meant to be a marketing exercise, but if it means that other people are inspired to get out of their comfort zone (whatever that may be) and live their dream (and they would like their partner to go along with it!) then I’m happy to talk about what we do. 

The gorgeous Chloerissa Eadie from the South Western Times had a chat with us a couple of weeks ago about our madcap life on the water. Read her lovely coverage of it in the story at this link – http://www.swtimes.com.au/?news/south-western-times/floating-lifestyle-on-new-ideas-ng-b88349614z


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