Where am I now?

“Gotta ask yourself the question, ‘Where are you now?'” – James Blunt

Listening to this song right now, on a rainy day at Rottnest Island, and thinking about this question. 

“Where am I now?” The answer to this question can inspire you, make you despair, may shock you, or delight you. 

For us, we are currently where we planned to be … and that in itself is a celebration. Yes it’s overcast, yes it’s raining (on possibly the coldest day on record!), but we are certainly living the dream. Not everyone’s dream … certainly not my dream (although I’m slowly coming to terms with it one sunset at a time!). But certainly Ben’s dream. And I have to agree that it definitely beats sitting at a desk meeting deadlines set by someone else. 

We are open to opportunities now that are coming our way, we have time for other people, we have taken in the little moments that would usually be background noise, likely missed in the avalanche of the every day. 

I feel trapped today – literally,  physically. Boat-bound like never before. The rain cover has been attached but the floor is nevertheless wet. Everything feels wet and damp. The skies are grey and the raindrops continue to fall unceasingly. There’s not a minuscule hope of sun, or warmth or brightness today. But we are HERE! How wonderful. 

The seagulls circle calling to each other in that raucous, joyful way, a pelican stands on the shore just .. well, waiting. All humanity on the island is hunkering down, waiting for this to pass. Because this too shall pass. And we sit HERE in the pristine waters of Rottnest Island. How can that be a bad thing?

Just gotta ask yourself this question sometimes…. Where are YOU now? 

“Why are you in so much hurry? Is it really worth the worry?” Little River Band


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