Simple Pleasures

My ever fair-minded husband pointed out to me that since I’ve blogged about what I miss about home comforts, it wouldn’t be fair of me to not blog about the things that bring me pleasure living on a boat. I agree! 😊 So here they are:

  1. The magnificent sunsets that close out the day – each one wonderfully different from the next. Also a special mention must go to the breathtaking sunrises that I’ve witnessed on the rare occassion that I’ve been awake to see them. 
  2. Watching the changing moods of the sky, the river, the ocean – these change daily, and often hourly. 
  3. Fresh air. All the time. It’s really quite heady!
  4. Having the luxury of time to observe nature more. Whether it’s watching the dolphins, swans, pelicans, ducks etc do their thing, or snorkelling to observe that which lives beneath the waves. This makes us more appreciative of the privilege we have of sharing this world with these creatures great and small. 
  5. Meeting, and overcoming, challenges every day – whether it’s making do with what we have, learning to declutter (or rather not to clutter!), or just putting down my thoughts and emotions in words and art with the idea that it’s perfectly ok to be imperfect. 
  6. Being able to cool down with a swim (or in my case a paddle/float! πŸ˜„) whenever you feel like it. A huge plus of living on water. 
  7. Literally sleeping beneath the stars! Also being rocked to sleep each night and waking up to the sound of lapping water. Bliss!
  8. Having the time to be creative – no excuses anymore!
  9. Refreshing ‘nanna naps’ (or ‘siesta’ as I was advised to call it, to put a more glamorous spin on it!). We have become quite partial to these little rechargers and try to fit one in on quiet days. 
  10. A healthier lifestyle. Being more mindful about what we eat, walking and doing yoga/stretches is definitely making us feel better. And at the end of each day we go to bed deliciously tired. 

Most often when people live with less it is because they have no choice. And with that would come stress in having to meet basic needs. We are fully aware of this and feel blessed that for us this is by choice, a decision that we are sure will teach us to value all that we have – not just things, but moments and especially people. 

We’re learning that it’s better to take a risk than miss a moment of magic. 

This lifestyle is not for everyone, but I’m glad that for this moment in time we have made this choice and taken a risk that is life changing.

“Life is about moments; don’t wait for them, create them.‬” – Tony Robbins 

So my lovelies just breathe …  live slow… and create joyful moments. 


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Beautiful all of it and so true live each moment and enjoy 😊 yours is truly a beautiful story you will one share with your grandchildren.


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