Available to Possibilities

When we started on this ‘joy of less’ journey we had vague plans (Ben doesn’t plan and I was trying to be chill! πŸ˜„) of starting a business venture on the water. However due to health issues that was temporarily put on the back burner. We then realised that this ‘time out’ from the 9-5 routine made us actually available to any experience that may come our way. Not being tied to an office job, we could pull up the anchor and just go. It also gave us the opportunity to be of more use to others if that was required. 

One of my ‘words’ / goals for 2017 was ‘release’= to let go. To let go the negatives, the hurts, the offences, the past …. whatever it is that can keep us fettered and feeling down. I wanted to be free of that, because when you let go there is space created in your heart and in your mind. Space that can be filled with better, more profitable and positive thoughts and feelings. 

Releasing and letting go all that keeps us tied up in knots also brings a ‘calm’ (my third word/ goal) and a freedom from worry and anxiety of the every day. This calm state of mind ensures you don’t miss out on those possibilities and opportunities that seem to so innocuously float past waiting for someone to grab it with both hands. 

My other word was ‘connect’ (which was also one of Ben’s words). To be available for people who needed us. Not just via social media or on the phone, but actually face to face connections with people who are there right at that moment. To just be there. 

(See ‘Reflections and Resolutions‘ blog post for more on the above words and goals). 

Well this ‘availability’ has been called on and we’re off to Sabah to house sit for some friends and assist where we can for the next 3 months. In essence we will be volunteering our time and energy whilst enjoying the beauty of that unique part of Malaysia. 

Ours will remain a simple life so we will continue our quest for the every day joy in the ‘less’. Of course the scenery will change from our current watery surrounds to a tropical city and our space will change dramatically from a small boat on the water to a unit on land! 

We are excited by the possibilities of this new experience and the lessons that we will no doubt learn along the way. The delicious local food and the tropical fruit is just the perfect added bonus. 

I want to “have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing” – well nothing temporal at least. So here’s to that. I hope you continue to follow our crazy ride! 


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