Hello and welcome to our blog where we search for more Joy through having Less.

We made a HUGE decision in early 2016 to quit our jobs and say goodbye to our entire lives as we know it, leaving behind good friends and established community links made over 25 years, to make a massive change in our lifestyle while we still had relatively good health on our side. 

We have temporarily/indefinitely downsized from our 185m2 house (with its comfortable 4 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms) to a 24ft boat which has approx 10m2 of space. The thought is scary yet exciting – to do away with ‘stuff’ that almost holds us captive, keeping us so ‘busy’ that we forget what is really important.

This blog is about a year of choices to live simply (most of it on our little boat), de-cluttered, de-stressed and seeing where it all leads.

I am calling this a ‘social experiment’ and am looking forward to seeing how this will change each of us and what it will add to or remove from our relationship as a couple. So watch this space … 👀