Bravely Vulnerable

The last few weeks I’ve spent time with people who have shared their stories, opened their hearts and been fully present and vulnerable. In turn I have been so privileged to be a recipient of this act of, what can only be called, ‘bravery’, and to be able to call them friends. Here is the … Continue reading Bravely Vulnerable

The Unmasking

Deep down I’ve always been a people pleaser. We’re all people-pleasers to some extent. Wanting to be approved of and loved is natural and that shouldn’t be what makes us feel ashamed. But when we try to please everyone it becomes a problem and can make us sick. Harriet B. Braiker called it “the disease … Continue reading The Unmasking

Mothering Missteps

‘How do you mother and raise an actual living human being?’ (Ann Voskamp)I read this quote, early today, and it hit me how much I will miss holding my boys today on Mother's Day and it’s made me a bit maudlin. Due to Covid-19 they are on the other side of a regional border as … Continue reading Mothering Missteps

Broken Connections

The definition of community has changed. These are strange, unfamiliar times - ‘unprecedented’, as we keep hearing. Community as we know it seems to be lost as we self isolate and distance ourselves from each other. Meeting a friend while grocery shopping the other day I felt sad as I had to stop myself from … Continue reading Broken Connections