Turning 50

I had a massage and a facial yesterday to celebrate turning 50. A rare treat at high end Australian prices on our cruise. The very young masseur, trying to upsell afterwards, told me that though my skin was good for my age (yay! 🙌🏾), I had cellulite and should be using their magic lotions and … Continue reading Turning 50


Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard! I sit here near the departure gate watching people wave goodbye to their loved ones. There're tears, there's laughter, there's longing, maybe regret for the words still left unsaid and possibly joy within all that too, for the time spent so far. In A Man called Ove, which I'm currently reading, author … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Defining Success

I used to define success as my father did - it meant a good education which led to a good (read 'well paying') job, living in a big house with your spouse and 2 kids who would then go on to do higher education and get a good job so they could look after you … Continue reading Defining Success