Winter Wise

I am cold. I’m sick of the clouds. I’m sick of the rain. I have such negative emotions associated with clouds and rain, growing up in Sri Lanka. The rain I remember was mostly during monsoon season when the heavens would just open wide and dump bucket after bucket of wetness on us mortals below, … Continue reading Winter Wise

Impatient Patient

I lie waiting for morning light to creep into the bedroom. But the skies behind the wooden blinds remain stubbornly dark. It is 6:30am. There is a feeling of satisfaction that I’ve slept through since 11pm. But my bladder came knocking at 6am and so I have just hopped to the toilet. Ben, my husband, … Continue reading Impatient Patient

Christmas Past

When I think of Christmas what I picture is my grandma Grace’s home. She was my Ammamma (mother’s mother) and was my hero growing up. She ran a tight ship when it came to Christmas, or any family gathering for that matter. As the matriarch of the family the Christmas cake was made at her … Continue reading Christmas Past

Letting Go

During yoga we are often told to let it all go (our breath ... and with that everything we’ve been holding onto from the busyness of that day) and then ... hold ... just pause. Pause. There is always so much lightness in that momentary pause! It reminds me just how much weight I carry … Continue reading Letting Go

Bravely Vulnerable

The last few weeks I’ve spent time with people who have shared their stories, opened their hearts and been fully present and vulnerable. In turn I have been so privileged to be a recipient of this act of, what can only be called, ‘bravery’, and to be able to call them friends. Here is the … Continue reading Bravely Vulnerable

The Unmasking

Deep down I’ve always been a people pleaser. We’re all people-pleasers to some extent. Wanting to be approved of and loved is natural and that shouldn’t be what makes us feel ashamed. But when we try to please everyone it becomes a problem and can make us sick. Harriet B. Braiker called it “the disease … Continue reading The Unmasking