My Fight

'All the women. In me. Are tired.' I read this awesome and appropriate quote today and acknowledged it to be true for me right at this moment in time. I am tired. I am tired of constantly being 'on'. Of building walls that stop me from growing and learning and doing and being. I am … Continue reading My Fight


The Power of Your Story

I was recently asked by the Brunswick Junction Community Resource Centre to be the guest speaker at their International Women’s Day morning tea. I was honoured but somewhat surprised because I didn’t know what I could bring that would be of any benefit to the audience. They said that I had been invited because I … Continue reading The Power of Your Story

Defining Success

I used to define success as my father did - it meant a good education which led to a good (read 'well paying') job, living in a big house with your spouse and 2 kids who would then go on to do higher education and get a good job so they could look after you … Continue reading Defining Success