Manic Me

Last week I found an email that I wrote in 2013 that shocked me. There was such a feeling of stress and overwhelm that jumped up off the page and reminded me of those stomach churning 'busy' days. I didn't recognise that 2013 woman who wrote that email in the woman who was reading it. … Continue reading Manic Me


Turning 50

I had a massage and a facial yesterday to celebrate turning 50. A rare treat at high end Australian prices on our cruise. The very young masseur, trying to upsell afterwards, told me that though my skin was good for my age (yay! 🙌🏾), I had cellulite and should be using their magic lotions and … Continue reading Turning 50

Defining Success

I used to define success as my father did - it meant a good education which led to a good (read 'well paying') job, living in a big house with your spouse and 2 kids who would then go on to do higher education and get a good job so they could look after you … Continue reading Defining Success